qué material es el tritán

In order to take care of the planet, new alternatives have been sought to replace materials that are harmful to the environment. Tritan is a material that replaces plastic, providing great benefits for human consumption because it is free of BPA and bisphenols.

What is tritan?

This is a state-of-the-art plastic, resistant, light and free of toxins, so it does not transfer substances to food. Thanks to its properties, it is widely used in medicine, electronics and technology and stands out for being very environmentally friendly.

Uses of tritan in tableware

Due to its high temperature resistance, light weight and great durability, tritan is widely used in the manufacture of household items. Among these items are cups, glasses, goblets and other containers such as tupperware, trays, salad bowls and colanders.

Advantages of tritan

The following are the great benefits of this material for people and nature:

  • Its composition is BPA-free and therefore safe and healthy for consumers.
  • It has an appearance similar to glass, bringing elegance and shine to your tableware.
  • It is lightweight and durable, easy to transport and perfect for use inside and outside the home.
  • This material is recyclable and, if disposed of in the right place, it can have a new life, preventing waste from reaching the ecosystem.
  • It is shock resistant, as well as resistant to low and high temperatures.

As you can see, tritan offers great benefits for sustainability, while taking care of our planet and human beings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tritan?

Tritan is a plastic derived from copolyester, developed to replace traditional plastic. Thanks to its composition, it is highly resistant and durable, ideal for electronics, medicine and sustainable technology.

Is it safe to use tritan?

Due to various laboratory tests, this material has been approved for use in products for human consumption. Being bisphenol-free, it is very safe for the manufacture of household articles that come into contact with food and beverages.

What are the advantages of tritan?

This material has become very popular due to its characteristics and environmental friendliness. Among its great advantages are that it is not hazardous to health and has a high resistance to shock and temperature. In addition, due to its translucent appearance, you can see inside, as well as customise it to your liking.

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