Types of aluminium coffee bags

Tipos de bolsa de aluminio para café

Choosing the right aluminum coffee storage bag is a critical decision for your business.

The ideal packaging should keep the properties of the coffee intact, as well as offer an outstanding presentation that becomes one more reason for the consumer to buy.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish the customer’s needs. In this way, you will be able to adapt an aluminium coffee bag design that will allow them to highlight the product and make your brand known in an appropriate way.

Remember that it is not about offering your product but about providing a different, outstanding and pleasant experience to the consumer, achieving their preference over the competition.

Here we will share the different types of aluminum coffee bags available in the market. The idea is to help you choose the best alternative to take your product to your consumer’s coffee maker.

Stand up aluminium coffee bags

Bolsas aluminio para café que se mantienen de pie

In the market you can find a variety of aluminum coffee bags. Among them, the stand up aluminium coffee bags stand out, this type of packaging is very common to find on the shelves.

It is one of the most economical packaging on the market. Its triangular-shaped structure has two panels and a reinforced base that provides stability.

To preserve the content for a longer period of time, the aluminum coffee bags have a zipper closure that can be opened and closed as many times as necessary without affecting the attributes of one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

Among the advantages of using this type of aluminum coffee bags is that they allow to highlight the brand of your product, thanks to the fact that it has enough space to work an attractive design for the consumer.

Coffee bags with flat bottom

Bolsas para café con fondo plano

Flat bottom coffee bags are containers that have a square design and allow them to stand upright on the shelf, thus highlighting the presence of the product.

They are made of various materials and have a zipper closure that facilitates the use of the product, as well as maintaining its freshness and aroma.

One of the advantages of this packaging design is that it makes the most of the space available, as it facilitates the storage and transport ofthe product.

However, it should be mentioned that this type of packaging has a higher cost, so each should evaluate and decide if it is the right type of bag for your product.

Side gusset: The most popular coffee bag

Fuelle lateral: La bolsa para café más popular

The most popular coffee bag is the side gusset. This type of packaging has side folds and – due to its strength – is used to contain large quantities of coffee.

This model of bag has a flat base that allows the container to stand up by itself, highlighting its presence on the shelves where it is displayed.

These bags are one of the most economical options for coffee packaging , they do not have a zipper but are closed by folding the top edge and secured using adhesive tape.

It is important to point out that the conservation time is less, since this method is not as effective as the one offered by the bags that have a zipper closure.

Cushioned or flat bags

Bolsas cojín o planas

The cushion or flat bags are used to offer presentations in single-dose packages, ideal for offering the customer small packages of coffee.

They are flat packages that require support to be presented. The ideal way to do this is to use a lectern or support that allows the customer to visualize the product without effort.

Promoting the brand is not a problem when using this packaging, since it can be printed on its surface showing the detail you require.

Is only the bag important for your coffee?

Solo la bolsa es importante para tu café

Before deciding which type of aluminum coffee storage bag is ideal for your product, you should consider some aspects that will allow you to evaluate the options available in the market.

This way, you will be able to choose the alternative that best suits the needs of your company, product and consumer.

Among the aspects to be considered we have:

Packaging is fundamental

One of the most important aspects – to ensure that the coffee keeps longer – has to do with the packaging process.

The ideal is to have several options that allow the customer to decide which is the most functional package for his lifestyle and taste for coffee.

In addition, the packaging must facilitate the consumer’s daily tasks, so it must be practical, safe and easy to use.

Valve to assist the expulsion of gases

It is also important to have a valve to help expel gases from the sealed packages, which allows the carbon dioxide from the roasted coffee to leave the bag without losing the aroma of the coffee.

This gas release valve prevents oxygen from entering the package and the product from losing its properties.

It is important to note that for the valve to work properly, the aluminum bags for packaging coffee must be completely sealed.

It offers the possibility of opening and closing

Customers will thank you for having a container that allows them to keep the coffee fresh once opened. As well as -when closing it again- it will keep its properties without any inconvenience.

For this purpose, it is ideal to use zipper closures on the aluminium bags used to package coffee.

With these additions to your bags, you can reseal the bags after opening them, creating a hermeticseal that prevents oxygen from entering.

Product protection

Another relevant aspect about product protection is the materials that can be used to make coffee packaging.

Among them we can mention paper, aluminium and polyethylene, with which it is even possible to produce multilaminated packaging.

Due to the sensitivity of coffee to various external factors, such as humidity, oxygen and ultraviolet light; bags for packaging must have several layers to protect it and preserve its properties.

This is what this journey has brought us to, and we hope that the information we are giving you will help you define – in a precise way – what type of bag your product needs.

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