Types of food vacuum bags


Foods preserved in vacuum bags will preserve very well their smell, color, flavor and texture for longer. However, the market offers several types of vacuum bags for food, being necessary to know which one fits your real needs.

That’s why you should read this post where we bring you the most complete guide to buy this product successfully.

Vacuum-packed food bags, do you already know them?

Vacuum food bags are very effective for better preservation of products and meals. In this way, they will maintain their nutritional properties up to 5 times more, compared to natural preservation.

Thanks to these bags, professional chefs and housewives have made it a very versatile conservation method in their kitchens. This, thanks to the fact that you can vacuum pack both raw and cooked foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, cheese, biscuits or coffee, among others.

Also, they can preserve solid food whole, in pieces, in slices, purees and liquids.

Types of food vacuum bags, which one do I choose?


At Monouso we are very knowledgeable about this type of product and we want to tell you about the 3 types of food vacuum bags you will find on the market:

1. Vacuum bags for preservation

These conservation bags are ideal if you want to pack food and prolong its conservation inside the refrigerator. They can even withstand 55ºC to 70 ºC without any problem, a temperature suitable for cooking and regenerating.

They are made of polyamide and polyethylene. These materials are organic and suitable for handling food. In addition, it is recommended to vacuum these bags with a chamber type vacuum machine.

2. Vacuum bags for embossed conservation

They are high quality bags and are characterized by a rougher surface than other models on the market. Their peculiar design guarantees a uniform packaging of food with any domestic packaging machine.

They were specially designed for home use, since you can preserve very well fresh and sliced products such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

3. Vacuum cooking bags

Vacuum bags for cooking can withstand a temperature from 70ºC to 225ºC. Also, you can use them when you want to do long cooking at low temperature and sterilize food by steaming.

They are made of bioriented polyamide with polypropylene, which offers a high barrier to oxygen. This way, your food will be better preserved for a few days. Also, you will be able to give more flavor to the packaged products and you will manage to cook the meats in less time.

It is worth mentioning that the vacuum cooking bags we offer in our online shop can be used in steam ovens, bains-marie and even in Roners.

4. Heat Shrinkable Bags

They are ideal for industrial vacuum packaging machines, since with heat their material shrinks and adapts completely to the food. You can use them for cooking or food preservation.

5. Vacuum bags for ovens

They have become very practical in the kitchen as they can withstand very high temperatures. Also, they are permeable to gases so they preserve food better and are not recommended for vacuum sealing.

Why should I buy bags for vacuuming food

There are many benefits of buying bags for vacuuming food and at this point we will explain them in detail:

  • Your raw or cooked foods will not lose their taste, color or nutritional properties.
  • Foods such as fish, meat, sausages, cheese, vegetables or fruit will retain their texture and firmness.
  • Your biscuits, toast, among others will stay crispy longer.
  • You will manage to save money, since you will be able to buy more food when you get discounts without fear of it deteriorating inside the fridge.
  • You will avoid despising food, since you will be able to bag and store the leftovers.
  • You can marinate fresh meat and fish with spices or aromatic herbs, so that they are tastier when cooked.
  • Marinating is quicker in vacuum bags.
  • Your vacuum-packed foods can be frozen and preserved in optimum conditions for months.
  • Vacuum-packed foods are not impregnated with the odors or flavors of other foods you have in the freezer.
  • You’ll save space in your fridge.

Before saying goodbye, we want to remind you that you should not bag hot food, let it cool down before vacuuming it.

Now, with all the data you discovered in this post about the types of bags for vacuuming food, you surely know which one will best suit your needs, budget and tastes. Choose the right one!

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