Types of mops and their main advantages

Mops are one of the basic utensils used for home hygiene, although they can also be used to clean a wide range of facilities such as offices, hospitals, schools and shopping centres.

These accessories have a great absorption capacity, standing out as hygiene implements with a lot of potential in professional cleaning.

Read on to learn more about the types of mops and the main advantages they provide for cleaning our spaces.

Types of mops

Tipos de mopas

In the market there is a great variety of tools that will allow us to achieve a professional cleaning of any place. However, the mops are utensils with particular characteristics that make us enjoy impeccable environments.

Among the types of mops available we have

Flat mop

This type of mop is the most popular because it is an economical option and we can usually buy it in any store.

It is common that they are made of microfiber or cotton. They have a flat head covered by a pad that can be disposable or reusable.

Flat mops are preferred for daily floor cleaning because of their ease of fit and use.

But be aware that not everything is rosy when you use the flat mop, as it is sometimes not as effective and complicates the cleaning of food scraps that are stuck to the floor.

Steam or electric mop

It is a comfortable and easy to use tool that facilitates daily cleaning. It has a rechargeable tank that heats the water to steam for spraying through a pad on the floor during cleaning.

One of the main characteristics of the steam mop is its disinfecting power, as it cleans and disinfects at the same time, thus keeping the environment free of hair, particles and dust.

Steam mops save us time, are reusable, durable and energy efficient. They are ideal for cleaning spaces where there are pets because of their ability to complete a thorough cleaning.

Advantages provided by the use of mops

Ventajas que proporciona el uso de mopas

There is a lot of information related to the advantages of using mops. To help you decide on the type of mop you need, we will share the most important benefits of their use:

  • They can eliminate up to 95% of the microorganisms and bacteria present on the floor surfaces and carpets.
  • It is a resistant product that can withstand many washings and its performance does not vary.
  • Reduces time and effort at work, increasing performance and profitability.

How to use a flat mop for professional cleaning

Cómo usar una mopa plana para lograr una limpieza profesional

To achieve a professional cleaning it is necessary to follow the advice of professionals.

Using this small guide you will remove any kind of dirt quickly, comfortably and easily.

  1. It moistens the mop in order to remove particles and dust accumulated on the floor surface.
  2. Make zigzag movements on the floor surface without lifting the mop, this way you will avoid leaving traces.
  3. Catches the dirt between the mop fibers.
  4. Shake the mop to remove excess residue and pick it up to prevent the floor from becoming dirty again.
  5. To make the cleaning of the mop more effective, vacuum the mop, making sure that you remove all the debris that is embedded in the mop.
  6. After cleaning the mop, repeat once more until the floor surface is clean.
  7. Finally, wash the mop in the washing machine with hot water to remove microorganisms and bacteria.

Tips for choosing the best steam mop

Consejos para elegir la mejor mopa de vapor

Having a practical and simple solution at hand that allows us to maintain the hygiene of our spaces gives us the peace of mind of having an environment free of dust, hair and even bacteria.

To do this, it is necessary to have a suitable instrument that covers our needs and at the same time offers the guarantee of keeping the environment in which we are located impeccable.

Here we share a series of recommendations that will help you choose the best steam mop at the time of purchase:

  • You must verify that the model of mop you are looking for has a steam regulator, this will ensure the cleaning of difficult to access surfaces.
  • Make sure that the steam mop can be used on various surfaces, this way you will not have any inconvenience or damage on the surface where you use it.
  • Keep in mind that the steam mop has a reservoir for water and determines the capacity and weight depending on the effort you want to make.
  • Another no less important recommendation is related to the steam mop heads. Make sure they are rotating or triangular, this will allow you to reach all corners.

No matter what type of mops you have at home, the most important thing is to follow the recommendations we have given you to keep them in good condition and get the most out of them.


What are the main types of mops?

We can distinguish between two main types: the flat mop and the steam or electric mop.

What are the advantages of using the different types of mops?

They can remove up to 95% of microorganisms from floors and carpets.
They are resistant and their performance does not vary.
They reduce time and effort in cleaning work.

How to choose the best steam mop?

Check if the model has a steam regulator.
Make sure you will be able to use it on different surfaces.
The mop has a water tank, which will give you more or less independence.
Make sure that the heads of the steam mop are rotating or triangular, so that you can reach all corners.

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