Types of packaging, can you tell them apart?


Did you know that there are three types of packaging that group together all the containers used to transport goods? If not, don’t worry, even business owners are often unaware of these concepts.

Packaging is the fundamental basis of transport and distribution of goods, so if you run a hotel business, you should handle these precepts to avoid inconvenience.

Would you like to know what the types of packaging are and how they are subdivided? Well, at Monouso, we have created a little guide to help you distinguish packaging, types and materials. This way, you will know which ones are the most suitable to preserve your goods.

Packaging classifications

Every factory or distribution company includes the following types when transporting goods

  • Primary packaging. This is the one that comes into direct contact with the goods. Therefore, it will arrive directly to the final consumer, housing the final product.
  • Secondary packaging. These store the primary packaging. They consist of boxes, containers, bags and other tools to group smaller packages.
  • Tertiary packaging. This one compiles the two previous ones, so it is the biggest one. It is used for larger scale distributions, where much larger quantities of products are transported.

Types and characteristics of packaging materials

While these are not all packaging materials, they are the most widely used because of their practicality and convenience. Get to know them below:


Wood is one of the most shock-resistant materials, so it holds the largest products. Most wood products must be transported with cranes or forklifts because of their large size.

On the other hand, they are not suitable to hold liquids directly, but to protect secondary containers.

It is used to create boxes, pallets, baskets, and in some cases, liners.



Cardboard is one of the preferred materials due to its low price and lightness. However, it is not resistant to moisture, so it must be kept completely insulated. Similarly, it should be packed with plastic tape so that the boxes can be kept airtight.

They are used for all kinds of small products, from tableware and plastic containers to shoes and fabrics.


Glass is the ideal product for vacuum insulation. For this reason, it is a favourite in the food industry for sauces, dressings and drinks.

Despite being the best insulators, their fragility represents risks for their transport. Therefore, it must be protected with protective plastic and stored in the indicated spaces.


This is the most cost-effective material due to its low price and resistance to falls. It is also used to create protective materials such as bubble wrap or carrier bags.

It is also the predominant material used in the manufacture of bags, so it is used to carry packaging in all sectors of industry.

Don’t forget that in our online shop Monouso you can get the containers and protectors of the material you want. Thus, you can have an excellent shipping system, or guarantee a good management of goods.

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