Types of presentation of sweets in pastry boxes


Did you know that even the most splendid dessert can lose its beauty if you don’t use the right pastry box?

Presentation is everything when it comes to baking and pastries. A bad first impression could demotivate your potential customers.

Often, the importance of the confectionery box is underestimated; that’s why, at Monouso, we emphasize the importance of this product. In addition, we have designed a small guide for you to discover which is the most suitable for your sweets.

Know the indispensable bakery boxes for your business and how to take advantage of them

There is a wide variety of cardboard boxes designed for baking, so detailing them all would be impossible. Instead, you will find the most practical, versatile and convenient designs to give your sweets a presentation worth remembering. These are:

  • Conventional square box. This is the classic product for baking. It is perfect for small birthday cakes. In turn, it can help you save on candy delivery when it comes to larger orders.
  • Pastry boxThis one is similar to the previous one, but with a bigger size. It is ideal for delivering several sweets at once, as well as for storing cookies for the holidays.
  • Boxes with a windowThese are square pastry boxes, but they have a plastic cover to visualize the inside. Perfect for those who cannot resist the urge to see the candy; a small but nice detail to make a gift more special.
  • Cake boxLunch box: This design is quite similar to a lunch box. Thanks to its height, it is more suitable for medium sized sweets, such as cakes, profiteroles, tartlets or slices of cake.


Bakery boxes for more specific sweets

As well as there are specimens created to house various preparations, you can find boxes for private sweets. The most important ones are:

  • Cupcake boxThe cupcakes are supported internally so that they remain completely static. In this way, they will fit perfectly into the box and will not turn over before reaching their destination.
  • Metallic rectangular cardboard boxThe golden colour of the box is extremely attractive. By using it, your gifts will have more elegance and prestige, and as if that were not enough, your sweets will be much easier to remember. This one is perfect for gypsy arms and rectangular presentations.
  • Sweet boxes and chocolatesCandy: Candy should not be delivered in just any container. Therefore, you should have a more sophisticated piece that gives more distinction to your presents.

Don’t forget that you can find these and many other copies in the section of Monouso.

Using the right boxes, your business will get the touch of aesthetics and delicacy needed to captivate the clientele. You only need a good presentation to distinguish yourself from the competition and give your pastry preparations more appeal and elegance.

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