Types of restaurants. Where are you located?

Tipos de restaurantes ¿En cuál te ubicas?

There are different types of restaurants in the gastronomic world. Generally, they can be distinguished using classifications such as the number of forks or the service they offer.

It is important to know which type of restaurant your business belongs to, in order to establish a better management or to maintain the impeccable service you offer.

In addition, the types of restaurants are used as a good way to market and promote your business.

Take note of the characteristics of each of the types of restaurants, identify where you belong and have a better vision of your business’ service to diners.

Nine types of restaurants

The types of restaurants differ in the dishes they offer on their menus, the target audience and the décor of the establishment.

Also, each of the restaurant types has a different operation, tailored to the demand of your business.

Type of fast food restaurant

Fast food restaurants are one of the most popular types of restaurants in the world.

This is a frequent choice for diners, who are attracted by the type of food they sell and the speed of service.

The food, among which hamburgers or pizzas stand out, guarantee diners a time-saving meal to continue with their work or student day.

These restaurants have a simple but eye-catching décor. Also, the furniture is made to ensure the fast flow of diners.

Fast Casual

Unlike fast food restaurants, fast casual restaurants offer a healthier experience.

The dishes that are ordered are delivered as quickly as possible to diners, without neglecting the consumption of healthy and fresh food.

Thefreshness, quality and speed of this service have led to its growth, taking fast food as a second option.

Gourmet or haute cuisine restaurants

The types of restaurants dedicated to haute cuisine combine elegance with the use of different food cooking techniques in their dishes.

Haute cuisine restaurants offer exclusive services, whose expertise is supervised by a large team of high-end chefs and waiters.

In these types of restaurants they serve the dishes in several times and seek perfection of service, from the drink to the cooking of each ingredient.

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Theme restaurant

Themed restaurants are a type of restaurant that impresses any customer just by looking at its decor.

The themes used in restaurants are their own advertisement. They manage to capture diners without the need to know what they serve in the establishment

These businesses associate the dishes on their menu with the theme and manage to transport diners to a unique experience.

Buffet type

Buffet-type restaurants are those that have long tables with different foods, among which the diner can serve himself for his meal.

This type of restaurant operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, which offers the possibility of consuming all the options on the menu

It is an advantageous business because diners can eat as much food as they want, but beware of the daily waste that this type of restaurant produces.

Signature restaurant

In signature restaurants, the chef has complete freedom to use ingredients or techniques that allow him to show his style to the diners.

Depending on the type of signature restaurant, chefs prepare the dishes in front of the diners to show technique or they are surprised -with unexpected details- when the dishes are brought to the table.

Family restaurant

When talking about the types of family restaurants, it should be taken into account that they are nothing more than gastronomic establishments that offer a menu with dishes for the consumption of the whole family.

The decoration of the restaurant seeks to create a pleasant and comfortable space for families to have a memorable experience.

Fusion restaurant

Another of the most recognized types of restaurants are those that serve a fusion menu.

This type of cuisine consists of combining recipes and ingredients from different cultures or regions of the world.

As a result of these combinations and the curiosity of diners to try new flavors, restaurants dedicated to selling Cajun, Balti or Tex-Mex food have been created.

Types of take away restaurants

It used to be rare to find take away restaurants dedicated to the sale of different foods, but that is now a thing of the past.

Rather than offering service in the establishment, the take away type of restaurant has been created. These businesses sell their menu items through home delivery service.

Some of the businesses that are part of this type of restaurant implement this model because of its simplicity, because they do not have space for on-site service or to expand their sales.

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Number of forks? Another classification for types of restaurants

Another classification used to distinguish the types of restaurants is the number of forks

The number of forks that a restaurant has will be determined by certain characteristics such as the variety in the menu, the staff, the appearance of the facilities, the furniture and the distribution of the establishment.

5 Forks: Types of luxury restaurants

Restaurants that are rated with five forks are categorized as upscale restaurants.

These restaurants have air conditioning, independent restrooms, waiting room, qualified staff and high-end furniture, among other features.

Theyalso have an extensive menu of dishes and wines, bar, personalized attention according to the language of the tourists, checkrooms for the diners’ coats and an elevator if the establishment has a floor.

4 forks: First class

The types of restaurants with four forks have similar characteristics to luxury restaurants, but with specific differences.

These restaurants classified as “first class” have all the amenities of luxury restaurants, with the exception of the elevator

In this type of restaurant, elevators are only necessary if the establishment has three floors.

3 forks: Second class restaurants

Restaurants with three forks are second-rate gastronomic businesses. The qualities of this type of restaurant are simpler than the upscale restaurant.

It has a comfortable dining room, independent restrooms, air conditioning or heating, personalized attention for tourists and quality furnishings

2 forks: Third class establishments

Third class restaurants are classified with two forks and are simple, but have some amenities.

The furniture is of quality, the establishment has a good distribution of tables, the staff has little experience, dishes in good condition and simple appliances adapted to the demand of the business.

1 fork: Fourth-rate restaurants

One-fork restaurants are the simplest businesses in this typeof category.

They have a simple menu, modest décor, mixed toilets, low-end furnishings and well-maintained tableware.

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