Types of table service to apply in your restaurant


If you have a food establishment, restaurant or hotel it is important to know what factors influence customer satisfaction.

At Monouso we want your business to stand out by offering your customers the maximum experience of enjoyment. We are convinced that not just any service is right

That is why we want to tell you about the types of table service that exist, so that you can choose the most suitable one for the occasion. Let’s get started!

American Service

The American service or “table service” is the most common one nowadays. It consists of preparing the dishes previously in the kitchen and then bringing them to the table. The waiter will deliver them ready for each diner’s right.

This service is one of the cheapest if compared to others, as it requires less waiters and allows for fast traffic. In addition, because everything is prepared in the kitchen you can give an excellent presentation to each dish.

Russian Service

Russian service is one of the most sophisticated and, despite its name, is of French origin. Its main characteristic is that the food is prepared at an auxiliary table (gueridon) in the presence of the guests. It is also known as the gueridon service.

This way, customers can observe the ingredients and the preparation of the food just before consuming it. However, this is one of the types of service in restaurants and hotels that requires a greater investment in personnel and equipment.


French Service

The French service is mainly used in luxury restaurants or in diplomatic or government dinners. It is characterized because the waiter, approaching from the right, shows the ingredients of the dishes on the menu to the diners. The latter, are the ones that will be served according to your taste.

As you can see, each person takes his or her time when choosing what to eat, so it is one of the slowest types of restaurant service. In fact, it takes some skill to manipulate the cutlery when serving.

However, as a plus, the customers will only take what they really want to eat and the food will not be wasted.

English Service

The English service has its origin in the British royalty, being ideal for banquets where only one menu will be offered. Under this modality the waiters take the food to the table in a fountain. Then, they serve directly on each diner’s plate, just on the left side and using their own cutlery.

It is a little faster than the French service, as in this case it will not be possible to choose the food rations. On the other hand, a good amount of staff is required, especially when there are many guests or clients.

Buffet Service

The buffet service is one of the most practical and cheapest, as it requires very few staff. It consists of displaying food and drinks on one or more tables, so that diners can serve themselves.

It allows free and fast movement of guests or users, so it is ideal when you need to serve many people. It is used in many hotels and restaurants, and is excellent for social events such as weddings, parties, among others.

After getting to know the different types of table services in restaurants and their characteristics, you will surely have a better idea of which one to choose. At Monouso we recommend that you choose the one that best suits your needs and the demands of your clientele.

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