Uses and types of lint roller (tips you haven’t been told)

There are tasks that are difficult to do when we do not have the necessary tools. An example of this is removing lint from some surfaces, especially when they are textiles. And for that we have the lint roller, an excellent option to remove those annoying lint from your clothes, furniture or bedding.

With this practical implement you can not only get rid of lint, but also remove hair from your clothes. Yes, that hair of your beloved pet that invaded your closet and you can’t control it.

Lint roller, how do you use it?

Rodillo quita pelusa ¿Cómo se usa?

The lint roller is the ideal alternative for cleaning your clothes and spaces with textiles that are directly exposed to hair, dust and lint; especially if you prefer to leave any available electric cleaning tools aside.

Its use is very simple and the effectiveness is very high.

This type of cleaning tool usually consists of an adhesive surface attached to a handle that facilitates the user’s function.

By rotating the roll over the surface you want to remove, you’ll see how lint and other unwanted particles adhere to the tube and make your fabrics look like new.

If it is adhesive, the moment the adhesive capacity is lost, you only have to peel off a piece of material until you see that you get a clean glue ready to attract more particles.

Lint roller types

Tipos de rodillo para quitar pelusa

Two types of rollers are available on the market for removing lint from clothing and other textiles:

  • Washable lint roller: this type of roller has a layer of adhesive texture capable of fixing any dirt on its body.

After use the roller can be washed with water to remove residue and restore properties.

  • Peel-off rollers with disposable adhesive sheets: these are sheets with adhesive that, when they roll over dirty fabric surfaces, trap impurities, leaving the intervened area clean.

This type of peel-off roller can be used again once the unglued film has been removed and cleaning has begun with a new, spotless tape space in the roller.

Among this variety we can find hair removal rollers that are used and discarded.

For those who care about the environment, there is a reusable option. In these roller models the handles are reusable, that is, they allow you to change the roller and continue using it as usual.

Tips during frequent cleaning

Consejos durante una limpieza frecuente

Lint removal rollers are a perfect ally for household cleaning. These instruments are normally used in delicate or difficult to access spaces.

Here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind when using lint rollers


With this type of tool, carpet cleaning becomes a very simple task. You only have to turn the adhesive roll on the surface of the carpet to eliminate the presence of crumbs, hairs and lint.

The use of the lint roller will avoid using other types of products that can deteriorate or damage the fibres of the carpet.


To achieve a deep cleaning in the bag that you use regularly, you must pass the linen roller inside the lining.

In this way, you can remove crumbs and lint from the bottom without any effort.

Kitchen drawers

Cajones de la cocina

Other ideal spaces to use the lint roller are the kitchen drawers. Their versatility allows for quick and effective cleaning without damaging your kitchen surfaces.

Kitchen drawers are delicate spaces that must be kept clean. They store the products we consume daily and the implements used for food preparation.

It is important to maintain good hygiene to avoid contamination of food, as well as the growth of bacteria that can affect our health.


If you’re looking for a solution to avoid dust and lint build-up on your curtains, don’t hesitate to use a lint roller.

These adhesive films will allow you to perform a deep cleaning in a very short time without having to take down the curtains.

A single pass will be enough to remove any residue present on your curtains, they will be as good as new!

Car care

Another use for lint rollers has to do with car care.

The amount of dust and lint that is concentrated inside our cars can be surprising.

Use the adhesive strips to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the seats, glove compartment and carpets in your car.

Caring for your pet

Cuidado de tu mascota

One of the most important aspects of using the lint roller is related to the care of your pet and the spaces it shares with you.

Using this tool will allow you to remove the excess hair and, thanks to the adhesive tape, you will catch any dirt present in your pet’s coat. This way you can even remove fleas and ticks.

After cutting the hair

The use of the lint roller makes cleaning after a haircut easier.

By simply running it over the surface, you will quickly remove the remaining hair, which often causes discomfort to the face.


Even if you think there’s no connection, you’ll be surprised how useful the lint roller is for removing burned skin after enjoying a day at the beach.

And when you roll over the affected part, in a matter of seconds you will have flake-free skin.

Cleaning the upholstery

It makes it easier to clean off crumbs, dust, hairs and residue by rolling the lint roller over the surface of your furniture or sofas.

With this practical solution you will avoid the use of vacuum cleaners or brushes, as well as the presence of hair on your clothes after a well-deserved rest on the sofa.

Lamp screens

Pantallas de las lámparas

Lint rollers are perfect for cleaning lampshades, as it is a delicate task that will avoid mistreating these surfaces.

Use the lint roller to remove dust and dirt from lamp shades. A simple but thorough task that will only take a few minutes.


If you’ve ever done a craft you know what it means when glitter spills on the table or floor.

Cleaning that tiny, shiny material is a little tedious and you end up with your face, hands and even your hair full of shine.

To simplify that task, the lint roller will be a good solution, as it will catch every single particle of colour without leaving a trace thanks to its adhesive tape.

Broken glass

Another unconventional use of the lint roller is related to cleaning broken glass. This instrument is capable of removing small residues that remain even after sweeping.

This is the most practical and safest way to avoid accidents, as the glass remains adhered to the roller.