Wasara tableware

vajilla wasara

The Wasara line is a Japanese style single-use tableware that exquisitely combines luxury with ecology. A wide range of products made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials that are ideal for serving at meetings. The ultimate expression of minimalist design in disposable products!

Undoubtedly, a dream come true for lovers of the select and sustainable.

What does Wasara disposable tableware offer you?

Different models of wasara tableware

Protection and respect for the environment

The entire Wasara product line is made entirely from 100% renewable materials.

  • Sugar cane bagasse: when farmers squeeze the sugar from the cane, the bark is left as useless waste, so, to avoid pollution due to burning, it is used to manufacture these utensils.
  • Bamboo cane: One of the most flexible and resistant materials, it makes possible the characteristic lines of the Wasara design.

Thus, all Wasara tableware pieces are free of tree by-products such as cellulose pulp. In addition, they are biodegradable, i.e., they decompose naturally without emitting gases into the atmosphere, so the impact on ecosystems is minimal.

The production site of our suppliers has obtained ISO 9001 & 14001 certification thanks to iSO 9001 & 14001 certification thanks to its respect for the environment.


Wasara plates of different sizes

First of all, the Japanese design plates in square and round shape, available in a wide range of sizes: from size S to XL. This way, you can combine them to serve a complete menu: appetizer, main course and dessert.


wasara bowls

There are certain foods that can be served on plates, but it is much more convenient for guests to eat in bowls. In the Wasara collection there are several bowls that perfectly combine elegance with ecology.


Food on wasara crockery

Finally, Wasara luxury single-use trays are excellent for presenting all kinds of food in an elegant and refined way.

a plus of comfort! When celebrating a gathering with friends or family, the variety of foods that can be served at a lunch or dinner party is as wide as the tastes of the guests. Well, all Wasara dinnerware pieces accept both hot and cold dishes without softening or breaking. In addition, the bowls are excellent for serving soups and creams because they withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius and are 100% waterproof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are Wasara tableware made of?

With sugar cane bagasse and bamboo cane.

Is Wasara tableware resistant to high temperatures?

The bowls are excellent for serving soups and creams because they withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius and are 100% waterproof.

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