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To make your wedding day a dream one and just as you imagined it, it is necessary to dedicate a great deal of time to every detail.

As you are the reason for celebration it is best to hire a wedding planner. This way you will invest your time in other details such as choosing the attire, while guiding the planner about what you want.

This person will help you decide which are the necessary elements that your wedding should have. In addition, he or she has the experience to contact the suppliers that offer a quality service and will make sure that no detail escapes the organization. And if any inconvenience arises, he will solve it in the shortest time possible.

Wedding planner. What do they do?

A wedding planner currently uses social networks and websites to promote his or her portfolio of work and thus attract new clients. He also attends wedding fairs to publicize the services he offers.

When clients contact us, through an email or a phone call, a date is planned for both parties to discuss the wedding details and the budget to organize it.

In case the couple does not have clear the concept they want to handle in their wedding, the organizer advises them according to their experience, creativity and trends in weddings that are in force at the time of its celebration.

The planners take care of the following aspects:

  • The budget needed to cover all the details of the wedding and the payment of services to each supplier.
  • The wedding invitations and the list of people who will attend.
  • The necessary documentation to legalize the ceremony.
  • Choice of photography and video service.
  • The reservation of the place of the wedding ceremony, the reception of the guests and accommodation (in case the bride and groom or any guest needs to spend the night in a hotel).
  • Transportation of the bride and groom from the place of preparation to the reception site.
  • She advises on the writing of the vows that will be read by the bride and groom.
  • The order of the guests in the seats.
  • Live music or DJ that will be played during the celebration.
  • An entertainment service for the arrival and stay at the reception after the ceremony.
  • Choosing the supplier who will provide the catering, salty and sweet, and the wedding cake.
  • Company that will make the decoration of the ceremony and reception sites and the floral arrangements.
  • The bride鈥檚 wardrobe, hairstyle and make-up. And in the case of the groom, the suit he will wear and his hairstyle.

When organizing a wedding, the person in charge of the whole event always keeps in constant communication with his clients to know how the event is progressing and which are the details to be finished.

When the wedding day arrives, the presence of the organizer is of utmost importance. He will make sure that everything is going according to plan and, if there are any problems, he will resolve them without your knowledge.

Most wedding planners work independently and travel around the country to meet potential clients and suppliers for their events.

Tasks that a good wedding planner assumes

Many people think that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense, but this is not true. The organizers are there for you until your wedding day, supervising and working to make everything run smoothly.

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In the moments when you can鈥檛 be 100% in the organization, the organizers, under your guidance, will be planning your dream moment.

And when the wedding day arrives, when your focus is on enjoying the moment, your planner will strive to make everything perfect.

Here we explain some of the tasks that wedding planners perform, always with the aim of offering you an excellent and quality service.

It helps you select your wedding style

To define the style of the wedding to be planned, the couple鈥檚 tastes are taken into account.

If the ceremony is going to be civil or religious, the budget for organizing the event, the type of location you want for the wedding and other factors are required.

Everything also comes up with the ideas of the bride and groom and the organizer, who will use all his experience and show examples of some of the events in the portfolio, modifying everything to your liking.

It makes the ceremony you dream of possible

Depending on the ceremony to be performed, the bride and groom are given advice on the paperwork. In addition, they are in charge of managing the legality of the union.

This is of great help especially for couples where one of the bride and groom is a foreigner and the wedding is going to take place outside the city where he is registered, which is usually a very heavy procedure.

Find the perfect place for your wedding

The wedding planners investigate options of places to hold the ceremony based on your wishes, the number of guests who will attend and the budget allocated for payment.

They also look for options that are easily accessible to guests. It is important that you have a spacious parking lot, depending on the number of people who will be moving around in their cars.

Finally, it is important to know what conditions on decorations the establishment has to avoid problems in planning and having to change places at the last minute.

Select the best suppliers

Once you have decided what planning you are going to work with, you start meetings with the suppliers to detail which ones offer the best services for the wedding.

In case the bride and groom already have suppliers for some aspect of the wedding, a meeting is held with them and they are explained the concept of the wedding in order to work in a harmonious way.

Whenever a meeting with any provider is agreed upon, the couple must be present to give their opinion on whether or not they agree with the decisions made. They will attend together to make the following decisions:

  • The place of the ceremony and celebration.
  • Photography and video service.
  • Taste the dishes that will be served during the event.
  • Advise the bride on the choice of dress.
  • Accompany the groom in the design of the dress.
  • Design the decoration of the ceremony and reception.
  • Decide what type of flowers will be used at the wedding.
  • Choose the flavor of the wedding cake and how it will be designed.

Study the budgets and help you select the best

Budgets can be tedious and event organizers can help you. They are also planned at the beginning of the contract to avoid inconveniences or money cuts in important aspects of the wedding.

The objective of the budgets is to break down, in a clear way, what the money is going to be used for and to what extent, taking into account the amount of money the bride and groom have for their celebration.

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Decoration of the whole wedding

The event planners are in charge of acquiring the decorations based on what has already been organized to decorate the furniture and the place of the wedding.

Besides buying them, there are others who make them on their own or have a team that helps them with that. Decorations that have a high level of complexity are sent to be made with suppliers.

The wedding planner on the day of the event

On the day of the event the organizers take care of finishing important details such as setting up the catering services, the wedding cake shop, the flower decorations and also the sound installations.

After starting the event, they will be aware of everything that is happening in the performance of the wedding and will ask the bride and groom if they are comfortable with the planning or if they want to modify any detail.

Profile of a wedding planner

The wedding planners are in charge of organizing every aspect of this great celebration.

Below we point out the knowledge and skills that a wedding planner should have:

  • Excellent organization skills and the ability to plan more than one event at a time. In addition, ideally you should have a method for organizing your appointments within a set period of time.
  • Be a detail-oriented person and be quick in your way of working, especially if a last minute problem arises.
  • Work with the ideas and wishes of the bride and groom.
  • Express yourself clearly to work with suppliers and potential clients, as well as having no problem asking many questions to find out what the bride and groom want for their special day.
  • Have the ability to negotiate prices with suppliers
  • Knowledge to manage each couple鈥檚 budget and make the most of it, so that a celebration is planned in style.

Costs of hiring a wedding planner

The budget that you will invest varies according to the amount of services that a wedding planner will plan for your special day.

Many event planners have expressed that there is no fixed budget for planning weddings, because no two weddings are the same.

The entire event is organized according to the couple鈥檚 tastes, budget, needs and time to structure all aspects of their union.

Depending on the background, experience, method of work, time in carrying out the event and the collection of commissions, event organizers charge from 1,000 euros to over 7,000 euros.

In addition, planners may charge according to the total budget for the cost of the wedding, for commissions from payments to suppliers and for fees.

Essential tools for a dream wedding

To plate the food, the celebration toast and to taste the rich wedding cake, it is necessary to have an elegant and quality set of dishes.

Serving a banquet to a large number of guests is not an easy task, so at Monouso we have everything you need, at the best price and in line with what you are looking for.

To help you in the selection of everything you need, we have a wedding tableware section, where you can find everything you need for your celebration, in different styles and colours

We assure you that elegance and beauty will not leave your table with these products that, besides being beautiful, fulfill their function of offering comfort to your guests at the moment of eating.

In the same section, you will find a wide variety of glasses in different sizes to make your toasts special and unique.

To give a superior touch, we have the service of customization of the dishes with which you can offer a souvenir detail to all your guests. Contact us and learn more about this service.

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