What is food security and what is it for?


Have you ever heard the term “food safety“? You probably have, but have you ever wondered what it means exactly? Don’t worry, many people are unaware of its meaning and ignore its importance on a global scale.

Do you want to find out what they are? Then join us to find out why this concept is so important for human development.

What is it?

Many experts define food security as a scale for measuring people’s availability of basic foods. For others, it is a standard for estimating the vulnerability of a location to food problems.

Both concepts are perfectly valid for the international community. Their purpose is therefore to determine the level of access to food resources, as well as the impossibility of accessing them. However, its original objective was to provide the world’s population with a fair and balanced diet.

Today, its purpose is more measured, but just as valuable: to calculate how well fed a sector of the population is.


What does food safety refer to?

This scale takes into consideration the possibilities of each family member to acquire food. On the other hand, it evaluates the average quality of food and the efforts that this individual must make to obtain it.

Indicators range from food security at one extreme to famine and malnutrition at the other.

It is widely used throughout our planet to evaluate the different systems of extraction, production and distribution of food. It was created more than forty years ago as a measure to reduce the problems of famine and malnutrition in the world.

As a result, the methods of study and research about famine have improved significantly. So, believe it or not, hunger and food problems have decreased at an incredible rate.

What is food security for?

Food security is paramount in identifying the reasons that could lead to serious problems in the distribution of food and in the health of the population. It also studies the efficiency of government reforms to deal with such situations.

On the other hand, researchers are looking at other factors that are detrimental to the supply of the population, for example:

  • Climate seasons, such as winters or droughts.
  • Emergencies such as natural disasters or the development of a war
  • Soil infertility.
  • Efficiency of cultivation and breeding methods.
  • Processing problems.
  • Lack of sanitation in processing and distribution centers.
  • Ineffective conservation measures.
  • State of the products at the time of distribution.
  • Contamination.

In other words, food security encompasses each of the agents that can affect the fair diet of a population. Similarly, it involves the quality of different locations to process, preserve and market food.

At Monouso we invite you to take care of your food as much as possible through hygiene and cleanliness. In the same way, we encourage you to look after your food safety so that you can enjoy enviable health.

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