What is La Chandeleur and which take-away containers

Between Christmas and Pentecost, there is a multitude of feasts that immerse Christians and all humanity in the history of salvation undertaken and accomplished by God himself. The Chandeleur is thus inscribed among these joyful celebrations and is celebrated every year. To properly celebrate the Chandeleur 2021, it is necessary to know everything about this feast and prepare the packaging to carry the crepes!

After Christmas, all eyes of Christians turn to the Epiphany, but especially to the Chandeleur. This is a tradition of the Church that has been perpetuated over the years.

Christians enter the New Year with the joy of Christmas. This joy is renewed throughout the year. But today, this festive movement is no longer just a matter for Christians, because all the peoples of the world have fallen in love with this joyful and festive atmosphere. Indeed, the Chandeleur is particularly celebrated with crepes shared with family and friends.

What is the Chandeleur?

Candlemas is a feast that is celebrated every year, always in the second month and precisely on the second day of that month. It is a feast that takes place every February 2, forty days after the birth of Jesus Christ. On this date, Christians thus celebrate one of the twelve great feasts and show Jesus as “the light of the peoples”, beginning with Israel in the words of old Simeon.

But originally, Candlemas or the “festival of candles” was one of the ancient feasts of the pagans and Romans, and then became a Christian feast that took place 40 days after Christmas. In other words, it is the celebration of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. It is only in this spirit that you should celebrate Candlemas 2021.

Origin of Candlemas

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The story goes that it was the Romans who celebrated a feast in honor of one of their gods. This god was known as the “god Pan”: that is, “god of nature”. It was customary to worship him every February 2. It was the “Festival of Candles”, when pagans paraded through the streets with torches in their hands. This could be seen during the night. It was called “Festa candelarum”, i.e., “festival of candles”

After the decline of the Roman Empire and in the 5th century, the Church took steps to re-appropriate pagan festivals and turn them into Christian festivals. This was the case of Christmas. After him, in 472, Pope Gelasius I gave the new orientation to Candlemas. The peasants kept their candles burning and brought them to the Church to benefit from the good harvests of the coming year.

Why do we have to eat crepes during Candlemas?

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Although the practice of processions has disappeared over time, the practice of eating pancakes has remained to this day. The origin of the latter still dates back to the time of the sovereign pontiff Gelasius, who thanked pilgrims on their way to Rome for the candles by distributing pancakes.

According to certain superstitions, wheat would be bad the following year for peasants who did not make crepes during Candlemas. In each house, the first crepes were blown with the right hand and the left hand held a golden louis. When finished, the pancake was placed on the gold coin that was placed inside until the following year and the coin was offered to the first poor person who returned. Therefore, you must have the best pancake wrappers to go.

What quality of packaging for your crepes?

It is essential to use sturdy, eco-friendly, non-toxic and attractive packaging to make the person who is going to eat your pancake salivate. He will have no desire to taste your pancakes if he is not attracted. Therefore, it is important that your Candlemas pancakes are in hygienic packaging with the same convenience as the dishes.

They are the most sought after on the market because they are exceptionally simple and are crepe packaging. They meet current environmental standards according to WHO. They stand out for their aesthetics, which remain unchanged despite the different shapes. In short, you have to browse through the gallery of takeaway crepe packaging!

The best crepe packaging.

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In this category you will have to choose between 300g/m² cardboard cones for crepes in natural colors, cardboard containers for waffles, cardboard trays for pastry (waffles and crepes), containers for Mexican Tacos or waffles, etc. They are available in different colors: white, pink and natural. Their dimensions also vary so you can pack as many pancakes as you want without worrying about their thickness.

They are containers designed to accommodate all forms of sweet and savory foods. That’s why they are attractive and easy to use. They are hygienic, convenient, disposable, practical and, above all, suitable for use in the oven, freezer or microwave. They offer some discretion when you put your pancake, waffle or pizza in them.

They are disposable and 100% recyclable as they are made of food grade folding carton and are available in packs of 25 pcs, 100 pcs, 500 pcs, 800 pcs and more. Place your orders online according to your capacities, expected profits and attendance of your visitors. For any purchase of crepe and waffle packaging, MonoUso’s online store is certainly the only reference you need.

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