What is take away? Advantages it offers your restaurant

¿Qué es el take away? Una forma de vivir en medio del Covid-19

Little by little we are returning to normal, a new reality in which we will be able to resume some of our usual activities.

Today various businesses are reinventing themselves to adapt and refloat. There are services, such as take away, that can help keep you in the market.

The take away service represents an improvement in the sales of different restaurants, no matter what dishes they offer.

In addition, it means a relief for the diners who, by not having to go to the establishment to consume their favorite dishes, are given the possibility of eating what they want from the comfort of their home or office.

Find out how to apply take away in your restaurant to get more customers, make your business known and generate more profits.

What is take away service about?

¿De qué trata el servicio take away?

Take away refers to food ordered to go from a restaurant, regardless of whether it has staff to serve the table.

Although it is a very popular service in fast food chain restaurants, other restaurants have decided to diversify in the market by offering this service and attract more customers, without having to invest in improvements within the premises.

Therefore, it is necessary to count on the speed and comfort offered in the table service. This method offers people to stay in the place where they are and eat the dish they want with the same freshness as in the restaurant.

In the case of your store, the take away service will allow you to save on staff costs and allocate those assets to the purchase of food and packaging.

As long as you maintain excellent quality and the most competitive prices in the gastronomic sector, customers will come back and recommend your food.

Benefits of take away in restaurants

Beneficios del take away en restaurantes

The main benefit of take away is the diversification of the restaurant’s income.

To begin with, you can keep the attention of customers who enjoy traditional table service.

On the other hand, people who are so busy with their work that they don’t have time to cook or shop in a store will be able to place a delivery order.

In addition, there are multiple benefits that the take away service brings to the diners and the business.

Marketing through delivery platforms

When you tell the customers of the establishment that you are offering the take away service for all the dishes on your menu, they will transmit that information to the people around them who have not tasted your food because they do not have time or are far from their location.

Some restaurants advertise their brand and the dishes on their menu through delivery platforms in order to attract new customers and increase the number of orders.

In this type of platform it is ideal to have an eye-catching design and impressive culinary proposals so that new people choose your business and are encouraged to try what you offer.

Job creation

In order for the take away service to work perfectly, it is important to have personnel who are in charge of making the shipments in the shortest time possible.

If you are going to publish an ad requesting workers for the take away service, it is necessary to indicate the following in the requirements of the position:

  • Experience delivering food.
  • Ability to handle delivery applications.
  • You must have a valid driving licence.
  • Use Google Maps.
  • Get to know the restaurant area and the streets of the province.

Reduction of organic waste

With the implementation of take away service, the waste of leftover food left on plates by diners during table service is considerably reduced.

By storing it in a container, diners can keep the food they didn’t eat in the refrigerator and enjoy it later.

Take away for events

More than offering take away service for areas close to the restaurant, this service is ideal for expanding the delivery area and attracting more customers.

You can even offer take away service for any type of celebration outside your establishment such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms or even business events.

With this you will demonstrate that your restaurant has impeccable logistics, dishes prepared with dedication and the vocation of service to satisfy the tastes of each person.

Good image of the dishes

For a diner to return to your business, he must be well served and taste a good dish

In the take away service, orders are placed through a platform or website, and these are delivered to the customer by a delivery person.

Therefore, you must take care with the presentation of each order to surprise customers through the image of your menu.

The presentation of the menu must be the same or better than the one made for the people who eat at the establishment

A final tip for the presentation of your product has to do with the choice of food packaging: choose packaging with transparent lids, so that customers can enjoy your menu long before they eat it.

How do I start using take away in my restaurant?

¿Cómo comienzo a utilizar el take away en mi restaurante?

Orders placed for delivery by the take away service can arrive at any time through the platforms or your website, so it is necessary to track each order.

You should meet with the restaurant staff to clarify the guidelines on handling take away orders, determining delivery priority and even setting delivery routes.

In order to work in parallel, it is ideal to have a kitchen team in charge of the dishes served in the establishment and those to be prepared for delivery.

Likewise, you should count on a large group of delivery people who guarantee the coverage of all your orders.

The perfect packaging for your take away service

Los envases perfectos para tu servicio de take away

The food that must be sent by take away service needs quality packaging, which shows customers that the investment is worthwhile and that your restaurant offers excellent service.

The packaging you buy must comply with certain characteristics of use, be functional for the customers, the delivery person and the kitchen staff.

Here are the most important characteristics:

  • They must be easy to transport.
  • They need to have an airtight seal so that sauces or soups do not spill.
  • Their height must be adequate to avoid damaging the presentation.
  • They should keep the food warm.
  • Avoid the transmission of smells and flavours to the food.

In Monouso‘s virtual store you will find a wide variety of containers available for the take away service, which meet the necessary characteristics that a good container should have at the best price on the market.

In addition, we offer packaging made from biodegradable materials such as kraft paper, sugar cane or cardboard, so that your business contributes to reducing the impact on the environment.

These products are available in various sizes and are ideal for storing food, preventing it from sticking out and leaving a bad impression on the customer.

You also have different motifs and colours to choose from.

You can also purchase bags for delivery in their natural colour or white to label with your business logo.

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