What to do on Three Wise Men Day? Let’s have fun!

What to do on Three Wise Men Day

One of the most awaited dates by children and adults in Spain is approaching: January 6th or Three Wise Men Day.

By far, it is one of the most important events that we celebrate as a family and that unites all of Spain in the same celebration.

On this day, we enjoy the magic of the arrival of the Three Wise Men, moments of great illusion and joy, especially among the youngest of the families.

With this Catholic tradition, we commemorate the arrival of the Three Wise Men at the manger that sheltered the newborn Jesus, in the city of Bethlehem.

Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar travel by camel from the East. From their kingdoms, they travel to deliver the Child Jesus: incense, myrrh and gold.

There are many things to do on Three Kings Day, a day to enjoy as a family, to give thanks for the gift of life and to recharge the batteries to take on the challenges that the new year brings, which on this occasion also marks the beginning of a new decade.

Activities to do on Three Wise Men Day

During these holidays, we share joyful moments with family and friends, making the most of the last days of the Christmas holidays.

Celebrating as a family, preserving Spanish traditions, teaching them to the new generations and tasting a succulent “roscón de Reyes” are some of the things to do on Three Wise Men Day.

The excitement of this date creates an atmosphere of joy, which is rooted in the tradition of the celebration.

Here we leave you with a list of options to do on Three Kings Day and have a festivity full of faith, magic and hope.

Letters to the Three Wise Men

letter to the three wise men

Every year the children’s wishes are reflected in the letters that the children send to the Three Kings.

In their own handwriting, the little ones in the house ask for the gifts they expect to receive from the Three Wise Men, as a reward for their good behaviour during the previous year.

The night becomes long and the wait infinite, the children’s longing to know if the Three Kings have arrived and if – in their wake – a gift has been left for them.

The weeks of waiting, make this occasion to renew the faith and maintain the family tradition that exalts the generosity of those who guided by the star of Bethlehem made a long journey.

The Three Wise Men Parade 

Three Wise Men parade

The Three Wise Men Parade is another option to celebrate the arrival of the monarchs and is held every January 5th.

This tradition is part of the remembrance of the journey of the Three Kings, from their kingdoms, to Bethlehem.

In the streets of various cities, we can see and enjoy the Three Wise Men walking the path to the living Bethlehem.

Once they have reached their destination, the Kings pay homage to the Child Jesus and hand over their precious offerings.

This parade is enlivened by music and the participation of other characters.

During their journey -Melchor, Gaspar and Balthasar- they give gifts and share the magic of this celebration with those present, especially the youngest.

Gifts from the Kings

Three Wise Men gifts

One of the things to do on Three Kings Day is to open the presents. The year of waiting has come to an end.

The children, upon waking, hope to be surprised with the gifts they asked for in their cards, gifts that will give way to hours full of play and fun.

At the moment of opening the gifts, activities are usually prepared such as: clues, maps of the gifts and riddles in which the whole family participates.

Other gifts, which are part of the traditional Three Kings Day, are sweets and chocolates.

Remember to dedicate this day to create unforgettable moments, to enjoy the games and to live the emotion of a new Epiphany with your family.

What to do on Three Wise Men Day? Family breakfast!

Three Wise Men breakfast

The Three Kings’ Day dinner is a tradition and is held all over Spain. It is one of the most eagerly awaited moments throughout Christmas.

However, there are other moments to create unforgettable memories around the meal.

After opening the presents and enjoying the excitement of the children, the ideal is to share a family breakfast.

To celebrate the traditional descent of the Three Kings, a meal is organized where various dishes are tasted.

Gathered together, listening to the children’s anecdotes as they discover their gifts and sharing the magic of Three Wise Men Day, the family breakfast begins.

Some of the dishes to be tasted in this family celebration on Three Kings’ Day are the exquisite butter muffins, corn bread and milk rolls, accompanied by a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Roscón de Reyes

Roscón Reyes

One of the most emblematic traditions of the celebration of this day is the roscón de Reyes – a sweet dough roll – decorated with nuts and candied fruit.

The filling of the rosca de Reyes is varied -depending on the family’s taste- you can find fillings such as: cream, cream cheese and blackberry, angel hair, cajeta or chocolate.

Do you know why the roscón de Reyes is a circle?

The circular shape of the roscón de Reyes symbolizes God’s infinite love, which is why it is a circumference, a figure that is considered infinite.

In addition, the nuts represent the crown jewels of the Three Kings.

Traditionally, a figure of the baby Jesus and a bean are placed inside the roscón de Reyes.

The Kings’ rosette is distributed among the guests, and the person at the table with the figure of the baby Jesus is crowned king on that day.

Be careful! If the bean appears, you will have to pay for the roscón.

Things to do on Epiphany: Masses

Three Wise Men masses

During these dates, and among the things to do on Three Wise Men Day, it is a good time to give thanks for the experiences and lessons learned during the year just ended.

Give thanks for family, friends and a new year full of opportunities that is just beginning.

Because it is a Catholic celebration, masses are held in the cathedrals and it is customary to raise blessings for the children and the family.

Monouso: ready to help you on the feast of the Three Wise Men Day

One of the ideal activities to do on Three Kings Day, as we mentioned, is the traditional family dinner.

During that activity, the family nucleus -and even some very close friends- meet to celebrate the arrival of the visiting monarchs from the Bethlehem.

You will surely want to enjoy this carefree dinner.

There is always the possibility that a glass is broken, a piece of cutlery is lost or a guest takes a glass away, with a half-drink, with the promise of returning it and never going home.

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