Why are the pizzas round?


Have you ever wondered if there is a reason why pizzas are round and not square? You may be familiar with the concept of distribution, or you may not; however, this is not the only reason why the world’s favorite bread has the shape it does.

For that reason, in Monouso we decided to summarize the main reasons that give pizza its stellar shape. Shall we continue?

Why round pizzas and square boxes

Pizzas are round by simple mathematics: if this one were triangular, it would be harder to keep in a box, not to mention that its baking would be quite uneven, not to mention its pieces. On the other hand, if it were square like the box, it would be the same with the corners.

This particular shape allows it to receive the heat in the oven evenly, and it can be cut into four, eight, or even 16 exactly equal parts. A round shape is also easier for the pizza maker to handle and fits perfectly into the square box.

And that’s all? Of course not, there are other reasons.

Brief history of why pizza is round

The history of the famous pizza goes back to ancient Greece. According to tradition, it was the Cretans who had the wonderful idea of improving pita bread by spreading sauces and condiments on it. These humble origins would lay the foundation for the Neapolitans to develop the well known dish we enjoy today.

On the one hand, pita bread has always been round, and this is the first precedent of the Italian reference. On the other hand, Neapolitans would discover how balanced baking can be when making round pizzas.

Today, due to their enormous marketing, pizzerias have revealed how profitable the square box system is, not to mention that the result of the round pizza is undeniable.


And all pizzas are round?

The answer is no. Next, we’ll look at some of the most famous exceptions to round pizzas. Although they are not the traditional ones, they have the same ingredients and preparation methods, so they can be counted as such. Be sure to try them!

  • Calzone: possibly the most famous case. It consists of a crescent shaped cake filled with the classic ingredients. As is often the case with well-known dishes, it has an inexhaustible number of variations.
  • Focaccia: did you think square pizzas were not successful? You are wrong. This pizza has been a symbol of Italian cuisine for centuries. Its basic ingredients are oregano, onions and parmesan cheese.
  • Stromboli: This is a rather particular case. It consists of a long pie, much more like a stuffed braided bread. Its ingredients are among the most varied around the world, but mozzarella cheese can never be missing.

Pizza is, without a doubt, the most famous and appreciated dish of mankind. Over the last centuries, it has conquered our stomachs with authentic and captivating flavours. What are you waiting for? Enjoy all its varieties now. Bon appetit!

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