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A good way to bet on a better future is to build a sustainable house. In fact, this type of construction has nothing to do with going back to the stone age. You will see that an ecological house is not at odds with good design and comfort.

What is a self-supporting house?

When we talk about sustainable housing we mean one whose building materials come from nature. In the same way, it is said that a construction is self-sustaining when the energy used is from natural sources such as the sun. Basically, the result of this type of architecture is a minimal carbon footprint on the environment.

On the other hand, the real estate industry is demanding more and more houses and apartments. That’s why cities like New York already have some buildings that seek to be more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable House: Features

To say that we have a type of ecological house, it must meet certain parameters. Some of the characteristics are the following:

Lower cost

The final investment is cheaper than that of a conventional house. Also, you save money during your whole life and the investment is recovered in a short time. Maintenance costs are also lower because resources such as water and electricity are constantly reused.

Renewable materials

The construction materials must come from the environment and be free of toxic elements. Wood, bamboo, stone, cork and earth are the most used elements because they are abundant and cheap.

To learn more about this type of material, watch this video:


Reusable water

Saving this important liquid is vital to have a self-sustaining home. That is why the toilets are dry and no water from cisterns is used. Instead, rainwater is used and recycled on a regular basis.

Solar energy

Sunlight is the main source of heating and lighting. It uses solar panels and energy-saving appliances. By living in a sustainable house you will never again see an electricity bill.

Food cultivation

A fruit and vegetable garden is common in an ecological house. You can make compost from your own household waste and make use of the nutrients in the soil. Plants also provide clean energy to your environment and make it healthier and less polluting.

How to make a sustainable house

It must be said that choosing a sustainable type of housing goes hand in hand with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Check out some of the keys to finding out what an eco-home looks like:

  • It uses renewable energies for its operation.
  • Use environmentally friendly building materials.
  • It has a specific orientation to take advantage of sunlight.
  • It makes good use of rainwater.
  • It uses waste materials that others see as waste.
  • Keeps resource utilization to a minimum.

Benefits of a sustainable home

Integrating with nature is one of the reasons why many choose to take on a sustainable home. However, the advantages of choosing a sustainable home are increasingly appreciated:

Durability: As they are built with natural materials their life span is longer. In addition, they require fewer repairs which translates into lower maintenance costs.

Better quality of life: Living in an environment free of contaminating agents results in better health. The air, water and food are less toxic. Don’t forget that this type of housing is beautiful to look at and you can participate in its construction.

Caring for the planet: It’s no secret that eco-homes use unconventional alternative energies. This avoids the waste of the planet’s non-renewable resources.

Income: Some sustainable houses can generate more energy than necessary. So, it is possible to obtain permits to sell the surplus energy to others and have an additional income.

In conclusion, the benefits of sustainable housing lie in caring for the earth and preserving it for future generations. In addition, they invite you to establish a healthier and energy-saving lifestyle. Dare to take a chance on one of these constructions and you can even celebrate by having an ecological party with your friends.

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