Why do we use more individual containers?

¿Por qué usamos más envases individuales?

Due to the current dynamics, it has become necessary to implement the use of individual containers that allow the transport of food to be consumed during the daily day.

The individual plastic containers can be used in the microwave without restrictions to heat the food.

Similarly, they can be used as individual sauce containers, to avoid spilling, portions of any food, spices, even drinks. They are good for everything!

Stay with us and learn a little more about the advantages of using individual containers, the most common containers and the best options available in the market.

Statistical data

Datos estadísticos

By 2017, statistical data from the European Union indicate that two thirds of households consist of one or two people.

Typically, the common composition of a household is one person, which represents an increase in serving individual portions.

One of the advantages of having individual containers is that they allow food to be available for consumption at any time.

They also offer a time-saving advantage by allowing a portion of healthy food to be prepared in a few minutes.

Consumption habits according to generations

Hábitos de consumo según generaciones

Food consumption habits across generations are generally determined by current lifestyle and food consumption trends.

Among the different consumption segments according to generations we have

  • Millennial generation: this segment prefers to opt for the consumption of quality and good tasting food served to eat immediately.
  • Centennial generation: it is inclined to innovative proposals, in which the presentation, conservation of food for later consumption is considered.
  • Senior generation: prefers systems that are easy to use, practical and small in size. In this sector, the use of ergonomic packaging with dispensers is predominant and includes inclusive packaging.

Offering individual packages more attractive, with different capacities and accessible.

Single portion sales

Ventas de porciones unipersonales

Single-serving sales focus on consuming products that offer a single portion to the consumer that can be mixed with vegetables, dressings or pasta.

The food industry has developed plastic single-serve packages in various formats, which offer convenience and practicality.

An additional factor that drives the consumption of individual containers is the preparation of fair-sized foods, thus avoiding the waste of processed foods.

In the confectionery sector, the use of individual packaging increases the acquisition of these pieces in the market, allowing customers to choose the products of their preference in the right quantities.

All in one service to take advantage of each portion

Todo en un solo servicio para aprovechar cada porción

Among the advantages of having a service to take advantage of each portion of food are the different individual formats that offer a variety of options, are easy to open and can be taken anywhere.

In general, in the market you can find individual packages in formats of 200 g, 400 g, 800 g and 1250 g which are adapted to the needs of each consumer.

However, some brands have adopted new consumer formats in small single-serve packages of 79 g and 85 g, which have been very well received.

In addition, another advantage of having individual plastic food containers is that they reduce the amount of food waste, allowing us to consume just what we need and store the rest.

Using individual containers will allow consumers to cover their needs, offering various alternatives to prepare food in a practical and simple way.

The most common individual containers on the market

Envases individuales más comunes en el mercado

A wide variety of individual packaging is available on the market. Among the most common we have:


The doypack or individual stand up is one of the most used individual packages.

These individual plastic food containers are flexible, allowing the storage and conservation of food.

The doypack individual containers have an elongated shape and a stable base. They can be made in the form of a jug to pour liquids in a practical and simple way.

Generally, individual doypack packages are used to contain solids, liquids, grains and flours.

Individual microwaveable containers

Individual microwave oven containers are in great demand because they can be used to heat food while maintaining their properties intact.

Another reason for the popularity of these packages is that they are strong, easy to use and clean.

Microwave packs have a special closure, which when opened, allows air to circulate and emit heat onto the food.

Individual packaging for take away

Individual take away containers are used to transport food to any place and at any time, preserving the food.

They are resistant, transparent, allowing to see the content inside the individual container, and can contain dosed portions of food.

Do you want individual containers? Buy them here

¿Deseas envases individuales? Cómpralos aquí

Do you have any individual packaging requirements for your business?

At Monouso‘s online store you will find a wide variety of individual plastic food ration packs, ideal for storing and preserving food.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are hygienic, resistant and economical utensils, ideal for presenting and transporting food.

At Monouso you will find a wide variety of individual plastic containers, available in different capacities, adapted to the needs of the consumer.

The plastic containers are made from polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate; which give the individual plastic food ration containers their particular characteristics.

Individual foam packaging

Individual foam containers are economical, lightweight and versatile

They are capable of maintaining temperature, are soft to the touch and have a foamy appearance.

Individual foam containers are an excellent option for serving hot and cold foods.

Cardboard packaging

The carton packs are used to serve food, they are available in the Monouso online store in various presentations to serve hamburgers, pizzas, fried chicken, snacks and hot dogs.

In the catalogue you will find a wide variety of designs and colours available.

It is recommended to use cardboard packaging because of its resistance and the fact that it absorbs the grease from the food.

Sugar cane packaging

Sugar cane containers are biodegradable containers, made from the remains of sugar cane.

They are individual ecological containers available in various models and capacities.

The sugar cane containers are rigid and are able to assimilate temperature.

Corn starch containers

Corn starch containers are biodegradable, hygienic and resistant containers that contribute to the care of the environment.

At Monouso, you have a wide variety of products, made from corn starch, available to serve and transport food safely.

Individual aluminum containers

Aluminium containers are containers used to serve, present and preserve food.

They are available in different shapes and sizes, are resistant, able to withstand high temperatures and are even used for baking as they are a good conductor of heat.

Aluminum containers are ideal for use in take-away services, as they offer adequate presentation and maintain the temperature of the food.

At Monouso’s online store, you can find a wide variety of aluminium containers that can be adapted to your needs.

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