Why use pizza bags

Para qué utilizar bolsas para pizzas

Pizza bags come to solve the need -in complicated opportunities- for transporting pizza boxes back and forth.

Think about it. Carrying a pizza box is a simple task, a little uncomfortable, but it’s easy.

This task can be very cumbersome, when we have to move more than one pizza box. The position is uncomfortable, shortens the movement capacity and can even obstruct the view.

What do you do in such cases? Pizza bags!

Thanks to the technology at the service of the catering industry, transporting several pizza boxes, the family dinner or just a slice of your favourite preparation is very simple.

Let’s see what the advantages of using pizza bags are and what options you can find on the market.

Usefulness of Pizza Carrying Bags

Utilidad de las bolsas de transporte de pizza

At the beginning we described one of the situations where the usefulness of pizza bags is unquestionable: transport.

But is not the only thing these products come to solve.

Many people are able to eat cold pizza, of that we have no doubt. However, when we order pizza for delivery we only appreciate that it arrives home hot and the cheese – like typical TV commercials – becomes a thread after every bite.

Depending on pizza delivery bags have the ability to maintain the temperature of your order, until you get home.

Another problem you manage to solve with pizza delivery bags is the safe transfer of each pizza box to its destination.

No one wants to receive a pizza that is scrambled or has half of the ingredients stuck to the box. Pizza bags are made so that the pizza doesn’t move and – safely – each ingredient stays in place.

Finally, let’s look at the convenience of moving. When you use motorcycle or bicycle delivery service moving a pizza can be very uncomfortable, unless you use pizza bags.

By carrying the pizza boxes in these bags, you prevent the boxes from rolling, getting wet, getting dirty, opening or being damaged in any way. Your order will arrive with the same care and quality that your customers expect.

Types of bags for transporting pizzas

Tipos de bolsas para transporte de pizzas

Now we list the different types of pizza bags you can find on the market As we will see, each one is designed to solve the need for relocation in different situations.

Thermal pizza bags

The first option that comes to mind when talking about pizza delivery bags is the typical bags made of thermal material.

Besides offering the opportunity to move several pizza boxes in a very comfortable way, the main advantage of thermal bags is that they maintain the temperature of the pizza

In this way, you make sure your customer receives a hot, fresh dish in optimal conditions for immediate consumption.

Plastic pizza bags

A unique option – which most of your customers will appreciate – is the plastic pizza bags.

This type of bag allows the transfer, like a regular t-shirt bag, of several pizza boxes without any inconvenience.

The plastic t-shirt pizza bags allow the comfortable and safe transfer of up to five pizza boxes. It is the ideal option to deliver the pizza to your customers who come to your restaurant to pick up their order.

Pizza paper bags

The next option is the paper pizza bagsThese are manufactured with two comfortable handles to make the transfer as easy as possible.

Made of kraft paper, this type of bag they allow up to 5 pizza boxes and a simple transfer of a family order.

Like the previous model, this type of bag is perfect for delivering your pizzas to customers who come to your place and order takeaway food.

Grease proof paper bag

The last type of pizza bag is special for this kind of business or orders that don’t include a whole pizza.

When you don’t have the ideal bag to carry one or more slices of pizza, you can offer a service that your customer will want to forget.

You run the risk of the bag sticking to the ingredients of the pizza. If that happens, the experience of tasting the order will be a real problem.

The greaseproof paper bags they have an anti-fat film that – besides preventing the whole bag from becoming full of fat – keeps the ingredients in the right place.

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