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┬┐Qu├ę es una enoteca? Desc├║brelo con Monouso

If you live immersed in the world of gastronomy and catering, you have surely come across the term enoteca. If you still do not know what it is, stay to learn more about it.

Finding a space for the sale and tasting of wines at accessible prices where customers can purchase them is not a complicated task.

The enoteca, sometimes also known as a wine library, is a space where wine is sold and served, as well as promoting activities related to wine culture.

The establishments that have this format carry out various events to attract the attention of the public. Among these activities we can mention:

  • Tastings
  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Tastings
  • Exhibitions
  • Tertulias

Characteristics of a wine cellar

Caracter├şsticas de una enoteca

For the manufacture of a wine cellar, fine woods and materials resistant to cold and colour are used, which provides them with great durability and resistance to temperature changes.

Oenotheques are used as a means of promoting wine culture through the marketing of wine, they are also ideal places to keep wines in good condition and in a controlled environment.

Some of the most outstanding characteristics of the wine cellars are

  • To promote culture and wine consumption.
  • To offer various catering services with quality products and wines.
  • To provide attention and service by hiring professional staff with an excellent vocation for service.

Advantages of a wine cellar

Ventajas de una enoteca

Used for the different wine options available, wine shops play a very important role. This preponderant role is reflected in the numerous advantages they have and which we will mention below:

  • They avoid direct contact with light and airflow.
  • They protect the wine from vibrations, making it rest better.
  • The position of the bottle keeps the cork moist, preventing it from contracting and the wine from oxidizing due to the action of the air.
  • Bad odours are avoided thanks to the use of filters.
  • They have controlled humidity.
  • To facilitate the process of classifying the different types of wine.

Elements to choose the best wine cellar

Elementos para elegir la mejor enoteca

There are very important elements that will allow you to make the decision on the wine shop that best suits your business needs. Among these we have:

Type of use

The type of use of the wine shop will depend on your needs and, if applicable, the needs of your customers.

The enoteca can be used to store the wines for daily consumption. It also works to keep the wine if your idea is to age it.


The location in the wine cellar will depend on the temperature present in the space where the wine is located, as variations in temperature can be found.

Although they are controlled environment spaces, the idea is that they are in a less hostile environment for the correct conservation of the wines that are stored there.

Type of bottle

The type of bottle is an important element that will allow us to have a clear idea of the type of wine we are going to consume.

Although it is an aspect that is more in the hands of the producer, the idea is that you know what type of bottle will guarantee you better results.


The capacity of the wine cellar will determine the space available to store the wine bottles within the wine cellar. This will allow us to know if the space is adequate or if, on the contrary, it is insufficient.

Types of wine cellars

Tipos de enotecas

There are several types of wine cellars, which differ according to their structure and operation.

  • According to its structure:

Central wine cellars

The central wine cellars are ideal for use in large spaces, offer greater storage and the possibility of displaying the bottles as a decorative element.

Tabletop wine cellars

The tabletop wine cellars have less storage capacity and because they are smaller they can be fitted into any space.

They are ideal as a resting place for the bottles of wine that you will consume in a short time.

Embeddable Wine Merchants

Built-in wine cabinets can be combined with a wine cooler, they must have front ventilation for optimal operation.

  • Depending on operation:

Thermoelectric wine cellar

The thermoelectric wine cellar is a small device that maintains temperatures between 12┬░C – 18┬░C and does not cause vibrations. It is not recommended to use them in hot spaces.

Compressor wine cellar

The compressor winery is a high-powered machine whose performance is not affected by the temperature present outside. It can store a large number of bottles at temperatures between 4┬░C and 20┬░C.

Mixed Wine Cellar

The mixed enoteca is a version that merges the best characteristics of a thermoelectric system with a system that is not affected by the outside temperature. It can be used in hot spaces.

How the wine cellar works

Funcionamiento de la enoteca

To achieve the proper functioning of a wine cellar, it is necessary to maintain the harmony of the following factors:


The suitable temperature for the conservation of the wine is 14┬░C, the excess of heat or of cold intervenes in a negative way in the alteration of the wine.


An adequate range of humidity will allow the proper preservation of the wine, avoiding damage to the cork that may cause dryness due to lack of humidity or the appearance of mould on the corks due to excess humidity.

To preserve the wine properly, the humidity must be between 65% and 75%.


As far as possible, vibrations should be avoided during the storage of wine, as they prevent it from evolving properly.

Excess light

Exposure to light causes the wine to oxidize and change color. For this reason, it is necessary to locate the wine cellars in spaces with dim light where there is no direct exposure to natural light.

Maintenance of the wine cellar

Mantenimiento de la enoteca o vinoteca

In order to achieve the adequate conservation of the wine, it is necessary to carry out periodic revisions of the accessories used for its storage. You must also be rigorous with preventive and corrective maintenance if necessary.

When carrying out maintenance of the wine cellar, we cannot forget:

  • Change the carbon filter, which will avoid problems with engine performance and bad odors. It is recommended to make the annual revision to replace the filter if necessary.
  • Checking the humidity and temperature levels, since the proper conservation of the wine depends on these values.
  • Clean the wine cellar to keep it free of dirt. It is recommended to use neutral soap, cold water and a dry cloth to remove the dirt.
  • Clean the fan to keep the fan inlet free of dust and maintain adequate air circulation.

Advice for choosing the best wine shop

Consejo para elegir la mejor enoteca

In order to choose the best enoteca, it is not necessary to carry out endless tests or trials. The best way to do this is to evaluate what your needs are and which of these accessories best suits your business model.

Considering the space available to install the wine cellar, the number of bottles that need to be stored and the conditions that allow the wine to be properly preserved.

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