XPP packaging for restaurants

Material XPP alternativa a FOAM

XPP restaurant packaging (XPS) is an effective and innovative alternative to FOAM. It has a variety of interesting packaging properties that you can use in your hospitality business.

It has a number of characteristics that make it a unique and highly functional material for restaurants. For example, it can be wetted or microwaved

What is XPP?

As we said at the beginning of the post, it is a material that is used as an alternative to FOAM because it has similar characteristics.

This material is obtained by extruding EPS (FOAM) in the presence of a foaming gas.

New XPP packaging for restaurants

The result is a rigid foam that used to be used in roof construction because of its insulating properties and moisture tolerance. Today, however, it is also used to make many of the containers you use every day in your restaurant because it has more advantages than other alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Advantages of XPP restaurant packaging

1. They are microwaveable

One of the reasons why XPP is considered the best alternative to FOAM containers is because of its resistance to high temperatures. Containers made of this material can be used in the microwave and also withstand hot oils.

Especially in take-away or delivery services, these products are the most recommended because they maintain the temperature of the product and allow reheating in the same container if necessary.

2. Good thermal insulators

XPP stands out as an excellent thermal insulator. Therefore, these containers are perfect for preserving the temperature of food until consumption, a feature especially appreciated in establishments with take-away or delivery services.

Thanks to this feature, they are microwaveable, making them a perfect choice for meals that need to be reheated.

3. No softening or loss of liquid

Restaurant containers made from XPP will not soften or break, making them suitable for holding liquid foods as well.

These containers are available in different sizes and formats, so you can have them with one, two or even three compartments.

And because they are liquid-resistant, you can take advantage of some of the container separations to include sauces or garnishes without fear of them softening, breaking or spilling and staining the delivery driver’s trunk or, worse, your customers.

4. Impact resistant

In addition to being good thermal insulators, XPP containers for restaurants and bars resist impact without breaking or bending. This feature ensures that food is transported and delivered in perfect condition and shape.

Your customers don’t want to receive crushed products or get their hands dirty when trying to remove them from the bag due to leakage due to breakage.

These containers do not deform, break or leak, even in the event of an impact. This makes XPP one of the best materials to convey a good image for your company.

5. They are really light

At the same time that they are robust and resistant to temperature and impact, containers made of this material are characterized by being light and easy to store. They are very safe items that do not add weight to the product due to their extruded EPS composition.

They do not place an additional burden on takeaway or delivery drivers and are much more comfortable to transport than others, due to their rigidity and safety.

The delivery driver will not have to worry about the product opening, twisting or breaking and there is no significant weight difference between these and the lightest containers on the market.

6. They are very hygienic

XPP containers are airtight, waterproof and suitable for food contact, which makes them really hygienic and perfect for serving food inside or outside the restaurant.

There are restaurants and fast food chains that use this material to serve their recipes both inside and outside the restaurant, because in addition to being durable, safe and lightweight, they are very hygienic and very practical for customers.

7. They have secure closures

Typically, these containers have very secure closures that prevent the product from rotting or spilling even in case of small bumps or spills during fast food, take-out or delivery services. This makes them, once again, the perfect packaging for food transportation.

All these features ensure that every order is delivered in the best possible condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is XPP?

It is a rigid foam that used to be used in roof construction because of its insulating properties and moisture tolerance. However, today it is also used to make many of the packaging you use every day in your restaurant because it has more advantages than other alternatives.

What are the advantages of XPP restaurant packaging?

They are microwaveable, good thermal insulators, do not allow liquid loss, are impact resistant, really light and very hygienic. In addition, they have secure closures.

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